The importance of being understood


Our service

We offer interpreting service in major languages, providing clients with qualified, highly experienced professionals who can work in any situation with competence and professionalism. At an early stage, we help the customer choose one or more interpreters with particular reference to specific terminology, personal needs, and context of service. Next, after finding the optimal solution, we make every effort to ensure that the interpreter works successfully for customer satisfaction.

Simultaneous, Consecutive, Whispered



The simultaneous interpretation service takes place at the same time as the speaker's speech. The interpreter listens to the speaker through a headset and translates into the target language in real-time.


In consecutive interpreting, the interpreters sit next to the speaker and translate for the audience at the end of each phrase.

Whispered (chuchotage)

In chuchotage interpreting, the interpreter translates almost simultaneously by whispering the meaning of the speech to listeners without having to interrupt the speaker.

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